About the Landsharks

The goal throughout our organization is to have every young athlete that plays with us prepared to make his/her school team when the opportunity presents itself.  We strive to have 100 percent of the players that come through our organization on their respective school teams.  We do so in preparing them at an early age for what to expect from your middle school coaches, JV coaches, Varsity coaches, and beyond.  While the Long Island Landsharks are new, the people running the organization and constructing the clinics. workouts, private lessons, etc. are not.  We have many years of experience combined playing, coaching and giving private instruction.  Members of our staff have played at the Independent level on down and have coached as high up as the college ranks on down to private instruction.  This program is many years of experience on many levels in the making.  We thank you for giving us the chance to instruct your young athletes.